With so many brides choosing the South of France as a wedding location I often get questions some related to Makeup and some just about the wedding plans … This page is designed to give straightforward & helpful answers to the most popular queries I receive …

Q:  Can you recommend other services I might need to book such as music, flowers etc?

A:  Yes I have built up a strong network of professional and reliable businesses and individuals with whom I work regularly. I will be adding some links to these from my website soon.

Q:  Talking about facial skin care, how can I prepare my skin for my wedding day?

A:  I discuss skincare individually with each bride but there are some general tips I give to everyone. Please seem my page on Facials

Q:  How far do you travel?

A:   I am happy to travel to any location in the South of France. I am based in the Aude region of the Languedoc near Carcassonne.